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Fremont Area Veterans Coalition builds wheelchair ramp for area veteran

Posted by Fremont Tribune
Posted: 11/26/2020

With some/ help from Christensen Lumber, the Fremont Area Veterans Coalition was able to build a wheelchair ramp for a local veteran with a disability.

On Monday, the FAVC presented Chad Christensen of Christensen Lumber with a plaque for their support in donating wood and supplies to build the ramp.

“The FAVC is very gracious to Christensen Lumber and what they do for veterans in the community and all the other community projects they do also,” FAVC Executive Director David Rangeloff said. “Without the help of Christensen Lumber and the donation of wood and supplies, the FAVC would have had to figure out another way to complete the wheelchair ramp.”

The FAVC, a component fund of the Fremont Area Community Foundation, helps veterans in the area with benefits, employment and training.

In early May, Rangeloff said he was made aware of a disabled veteran discharged from a Fremont assisted living center who needed a zero entry into his home per his doctor’s orders.

After getting in contact with Al Marino, a veteran with Christensen Lumber, Rangeloff said the company was able to provide lumber and supplies for a wheelchair ramp.

“Christensen Lumber was not only gracious enough to donate the lumber, but they also delivered the wood and supplies to the veteran’s home,” he said. “The FAVC with a United States Marine carpenter and veteran volunteers completed the ramp so that the disabled veteran would be able to be discharged from a local assisted living center in Fremont.”

Rangeloff said the project was able to be completed in just three days.

“This wheelchair ramp project makes me so proud that so many individuals and businesses step up to the plate to assist this disabled veteran,” he said.

Upon the completion of the project, Rangeloff said the FAVC received a positive response from him and other members of the Fremont community, including his daughter.

“Because of you guys and this ramp, my dad was able to make it outside into his truck and make it to all necessary appointments,” the veteran’s daughter told the FAVC. “However, the most important role this ramp played into was my dad being able to transition home from a skilled stay in a local nursing home.”

During the presentation, Christensen said Christensen Lumber has supported multiple veteran projects and hires veterans in Fremont and surrounding communities for many of their openings.

Along with Christensen Lumber, Rangeloff said many other local businesses have helped the FAVC with community projects. The organization has more than 400 men and women serving at Christensen Field with the U.S. Army Reserves and has informational sessions, with dates and times on its Facebook page.

Those who know of a veteran in need of a wheelchair ramp or businesses that want to work with the FAVC can contact the organization at 402-720-0364, as well as those who want to donate.