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It has always been Christensen Lumber's goal to provide the most safe working environment possible, while still maintaining customer satisfaction and quality service. Because of this, we take numerous safety measures to ensure we create a safe work environment for our entire team. We also are taking innovative measures to reduce workplace injuries.

Innovative Safety Measures

In our line of business, sprains and strains could be an everyday occurrence which could lead to more serious problems later on in life. At Christensen Lumber, we realize the potential of possible risk of injury in a lot of the job functions we do daily. When studying work place routines, we realize it is important to factor in how repetitive the routine is, and the overall wear and tear on a particular part of the body it is causing. Shifting how we look at everyday routines will help us diminish these risks.

With the help of LifeBooster, Christensen Lumber participated in a project to conduct a study of job related injury risk. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), such as back strain and shoulder injuries are the most common and detrimental type of preventable workplace injury and can have a dramatic effect on the quality of life of workers. 

LifeBooster Senz is a technology designed to assess the exposures of the workers experience while performing their daily duties working at Christensen Lumber. In this study we were able to identify the risks associated with awkward postures, repetitive strain, and overexertion using wearable technology and advanced analytics. The ErgoSenz modules provided the ability to continuously analyze worker motions by precise body joint. These risk analyses will enable Christensen Lumber to develop new insights for the operational health and safety programs that are already in place for their workers well-being.

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